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  Food Items

V CUBE is an international food product exporter presenting to you a broad assortment of the freshest and finest foods (organic products and grocery items) from trustworthy and sustainable partners around the globe.

The export of groceries and organic products is a complex process and requires broad information on the industry. Our experience and full export arrangements will take care of this for you, from the naming and dating of products, to the planning of documentation and organizing cargo. We work intimately with each manufacturer to implement brand growth, offering complete transparency, so you know about which parts of the world your product is being sold.

V CUBE constantly offer the best pricing so that the customer can make the required margins necessary to sustain your transactions. We have faith in adaptable states of co-activity with ensured volume and clear date of delivery. Our wide scope of products and types of packaging are guaranteed to coordinate each customer's specifications.

As a mindful and sustainable international food exporter, we offer an abundance of knowledge when it comes to food transition and safety. All our goods are normally reviewed to guarantee strict conformance to our purchaser's specifications before shipment. We have also taken fastidious care and ensured that we partner just with quick and reliable food manufacturers over the globe. V CUBE have effective quality control departments using the most recent present day technology accessible in the food industry.

Our insight in product marking, compliance, logistics and cargo, settles on us the favored decision for partners around the world. V CUBE provide a first-class export service, interfacing nations over the world with India and international brands.


  • Thinai Aval
  • KuthiraiVali Aval
  • Varagu Aval
  • Cholam Aval
  • Kambu Aval
  • Samai Aval
  • Sigapparisi Aval


  • Nattu Sarkarai
  • Panang Karupatti
  • Vellam
  • Malai Then
  • Malar Then

Dosa / Adai Mix

  • Ragi Dosa Mix
  • Varagu Dosa Mix
  • Mappillai Dosa Mix
  • Samai Dosa Mix
  • Thinai Sweet Dosa Mix
  • Kuthiraivali Dosa Mix
  • Navathaniya Dosa Mix
  • Cholam Dosa Mix
  • Kollu Dosa Mix
  • Navathaniya Adai Mix
  • Kollu Adai Mix


  • Seeraga Samba - Raw
  • Mappillai Samba - Boiled
  • Poongar
  • Thooyanialli - Boiled
  • Kichiu Samba - Boiled
  • Boiled Rice
  • Raw Rice
  • Idly Rice
  • Dia - Special Rice


  • Seeragam / Jeera
  • Kadugu / Mustard
  • Vendhayam / Methi
  • Feenal Seeds . Sonibu / Saunf
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Milagai - Neetam
  • Milagar - Gundu
  • Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya)
  • Tamarind
  • Toor Dal - Regular
  • Toor Dal - Mud Processed
  • Urid Dal Full, White
  • Paasi Paruppu / Moong Dal
  • Pattani / Peas - Green
  • Kondakadalai / Chickpeas White
  • Udaic Ha Kadalai / Hued Gram
  • Groundnut - Raw
  • Pink Rock Salt Crystal
  • Pink Rock Salt Powder


  • Multigrain Health Mix
  • Homemade Cow Ghee
  • Marachekku Groundnut Oil
  • Marachekku Gingely Oil
  • Marachekku Coconut Oil